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Animated short released

29 June 2016

An animated short was kindly shared with us recently, and we are pleased to be able to show it to you here.

From the creator:
"The film is about my younger sister, Honor. She is from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. She is 18 and just finished her a-levels. She developed narcolepsy when she was 13. 

My name is Melissa. I have just graduated from the BA Graphic Design course at Camberwell College of Arts in London. I made the short film for my final project, with the aim of raising awareness of Narcolepsy. 

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High Court judgement about Sodium Oxybate made public

16 June 2016

The judgment of the High Court in the judicial review about NHS England's refusal to fund sodium oxybate for a child was handed down on 15th June. It is now in the public domain and here is a link to it for anyone interested.

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Want to display some art? We can help.

15 June 2016

Narcolepsy UK are planning to host an exhibition of art and other creative endeavors at the annual UK conference.

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USA - Feds Probe Drugmaker-Charity Connections

3 June 2016

Narcolepsy UK receives no funding from pharmaceutical companies and in the event that we were approached, we have a very transparent and strict criteria that must be adhered to.