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Response to inquest result after death of narcolepsy sufferer

11 August 2016

All Katie ever wanted was to work with children and it was this desire that led to her employer requiring her to have the Pandemrix (H1N1) influenza vaccination in 2009.

One simple life decision led to a domino effect that led to Katie’s death on 23 September 2014. This vaccination, and delays in medical treatment combined with a lack of understanding of the extremely debilitating nature of narcolepsy all contributed to this tragic situation.

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Inquest into death of narcolepsy sufferer concludes

4 August 2016

The inquest into the tragic death of Katie Clack concluded earlier today with the Senior Coroner for South Lincolnshire proposing the delivery of his conclusion, in writing, in Boston, Lincolnshire at 2pm Wednesday, 10 August 2016.

There will be no further comments made by either the family, their legal representatives or Narcolepsy UK until after the conclusion is received.

If you have been affected in any way by the facts publicised about this terrible event, you may find the attached links useful.

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Inquest into death of narcolepsy sufferer

1 August 2016

Many of you will remember our collective sadness when we revealed the tragic news that Katie Clack, a fellow narcolepsy sufferer, had lost her life on 23 September 2014 after falling from the top of Queensgate car park in Peterborough.

This week, a two day inquest into her death will be held by the Senior Coroner for South Lincolnshire and our Chair, Matt O’Neill will be attending on behalf of Narcolepsy UK to provide her family with some support at what will be a very difficult time for them.

Further information can be found via the links below.