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World Sleep 2019 - Vancouver

21 September 2019

We are attending our first World Sleep event and have sent Matt to showcase your #NUKCharter (Narcolepsy UK have a booth in the main exhibition hall 23rd-25th September) and take part in an official event on Sunday, September 22nd, to mark the inaugural #WorldNarcolepsyDay to which he has dedicated a huge amount of personal effort in helping to make happen along with Julie Flygare of Project Sleep and other participating groups from around the world.

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Change of sleep specialist in Oxford

15 September 2019

Of note to anybody in the Oxford area, we have been informed that the sleep specialist Dr Ziawalla (working from John Radcliffe Hospital) has retired.

John Radcliffe Hospital said that they now have two sleep consultants; Dr Mkael Symmonds and Dr Graham Lennex. The sleep consultant specialist in Narcolepsy is Dr Mkael Symmonds.

More information on UK sleep centres can be found by clicking this link