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If you are considering applying for benefits

28 October 2021

HELP & SUPPORT provided by Narcolepsy UK is FREE. This includes support with benefits applications.

However, we have a much better success rate when an application for DLA/PIP/etc is aided by our Benefits Advisor right from the start - to help ensure you accurately give real emphasis to what you cannot do.

So if you have Narcolepsy or Idiopathic Hypersomnia and are considering making a Benefits Application, do FIRST email

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Volunteer post: Fire & Rescue Services Liaison

12 October 2021

UPDATE 18 Nov 2021 - this post has now been filled so we no longer require applications. Thank you for the responses.

Narcolepsy UK has formed a working relationship with Fire & Rescue Services.

We are looking for a volunteer to arrange home safety visits from the Fire & Rescue Service for our clients on request.

Tasks would include

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Volunteers needed – how should we measure sleepiness in children?

10 October 2021

The Southampton children’s sleep clinic invites volunteers to improve the way that the medical profession measures sleepiness in children.