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Day 3 of Good News Week!

31 March 2022

Today we share a PIP Award of £53252 over 7 years.

A chronic neurological condition with no cure - this creates a Disability and you are entitled to PIP. It is not always an easy road but WE will support you through the process.

Pop an email to to start the process. We are here to help.

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It’s Good News Week, Take 2

30 March 2022

Today our Benefits Advisor has let us know of an award of PIP for 5 years in the sum of £31,005 (not quite James Bond!)

If you would like to apply for PIP but don’t know where to start drop an email to and we will help you through the process

We don’t have a set script when talking to people, we all have a real life understanding of narcolepsy/cataplexy, our services are FREE and we are here to help.

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It's good news week !!!

29 March 2022

Narcolepsy UK provides FREE services and today I can tell you of an AWARD for DLA of 7 years @ £38,182.10. This will increase as new DLA rates are published annually.

If YOU would like support in obtaining DLA for your child with narcolepsy then do email Don't fret if your reply is not instant as we work in sequence and it can take a day or so to get back to you sometimes :)

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Mike’s smashing the London Marathon for Narcolepsy UK!

3 March 2022

We are excited to announce a runner in the 2022 London Marathon, running in aid of Narcolepsy UK. Please share this post amongst your social networks, and if possible we would be extremely grateful for any sponsorship you may be able to provide.

Mike's story:

I am absolutely delighted to be running the London Marathon on behalf of Narcolepsy UK.