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26 June 2017

Here's a summary of recent additions to our website:

Is Wakix® the new Xyrem®?

Chair Matt O'Neill voices concerns about patients' access to Wakix® (pitolisant), the recently approved treatment for narcolepsy.

Fundraising efforts

Well done to Juan and Louise!

Three-part sleep documentary series on More4

"The Secrets of Sleep" is an ambitious new documentary series that reveals the extraordinary personal journeys of 12 of the nation's worst sleepers as they attempt to conquer their chronic sleep disorders.

Smart narcolepsy cushion earns Year-8 student a place at TeenTech finals

Year-8 student Nicole Hirst has invented a travel support to be used by people with narcolepsy.

New resource articles

Our new resources explain what is meant by “generic” medicines and “orphan drug”, and discuss why some drugs are so much more expensive than others.