Every penny counts ...

node leader
24 January 2016

Here's one of the simplest ways we've found to raise much-needed funds for Narcolepsy UK.

Just keep a jar in a handy spot and drop into it all those pesky coppers.  Here's a picture of one nearly-overflowing "5p and smaller" jar.  When your jar is full, take the contents to the bank and send us a donation for the amount you've collected it - don't forget to "gift aid" it if you are eligible to do so.  Alternatively, many large supermarkets have machines into which you can tip your change - the machine prints a voucher that you can use at the store.  These machines do take a commission, but it's a lot easier than sorting and counting all those small coins.

You'll be surprised how your small change will accumulate, and every penny really does count.

We'll let you know how much is in our jar once we've emptied it ...