Hitchhiking with narcolepsy

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2 May 2017

Juan Nuevo is about to embark on what could be the biggest challenge of his life.

On 25 May, the 53-year-old grandfather will leave his home in Bristol, aiming to hitchhike his way up to John O’Groats, down to Lands End and back to South Gloucestershire in just ten days.

The total distance Juan aims to cover is over 2500km, so if he’s to succeed he will need to keep moving, covering an average of 250km a day. This in itself will be a tough challenge. He will also leave home with no money or credit cards, armed only with a backpack, basic gear and a camera to document his travels. As if this weren’t enough, Juan has lived with narcolepsy and cataplexy for as long as he can remember.

“I’ll have my sleeping mat and sleeping bag so I can sleep anywhere,” he says. “I'm prepared to test my skills of resourcefulness and ingenuity but I will also be reliant on the kindness of others.”

This is just the latest of many initiatives that Juan has come up with to push the boundaries imposed by his sleep disorder. He has travelled widely, for instance, volunteered in the Calais refugee camps, is an elected town councillor and the current president of the Chipping Sodbury Lions Club.

Juan is raising funds for both Narcolepsy UK and the Lions Clubs International Foundation. If you’d like to support him, please visit his Virgin Money Giving page. He will also be making regular posts on Facebook throughout his adventure.