London Marathon 2016 – Narcolepsy UK Runners

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23 April 2016

Admiration, Awareness and Support – two personal journeys to the London Marathon 2016

Two runners in this year's Virgin Money Giving London Marathon will be raising money for Narcolepsy UK: Nicola Cope and Gavin Maley. Both know people who have been affected by narcolepsy, amd both are keen runners though neither has run in the London Marathon before.

Nicola only started running six years ago and now usually runs one marathon a year. She says that she enjoys the challenge and loves doing a variety of fitness activities. Nicola met Jayne Collins five years ago at a fitness class that Jayne runs and they have become friends. Jayne’s daughter Millie, now 11, has narcolepsy. Nicola became aware of Narcolepsy UK through other fundraisers organised by Jayne, such as a Spin class, and has witnessed the determination of Jayne, her daughter and the rest of the family to overcome the challenges of living with narcolepsy. Therefore, she was thrilled with the opportunity to run the London Marathon in support of Narcolepsy UK.

Nicola says, “I know how important Narcolepsy UK is, and has been, to Jayne and her family, so I am thrilled to be running for them, whilst achieving a long held personal goal”.

Gavin has seen first-hand the impact on family and friends of this often misunderstood and disabling condition. His ex-wife has narcolepsy and Gavin decided that running the London Marathon for Narcolepsy UK would be a great way to raise awareness and show his support.  Although he has been a member of his local running club for many years, Gavin is not a distance runner. With the encouragement of running friends and family, he took on this significant personal challenge.

Gavin says; “I often find myself explaining what narcolepsy is. Narcolepsy UK is an invaluable resource for me and my family. I wanted to do something positive. I am a runner so the London Marathon made sense to me”.

To both Nicola and Gavin, from all here at Narcolepsy UK: Thank you and good luck!

The Narcolepsy UK support team will be at mile marker 22, come and join us to cheer on our amazing runners and look out for us on TV.  Alternatively, please show your support by sponsoring them; whether £5 or £50, anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Sponsor Gavin

Sponsor Nicola

You can track the progress of Nicola and Gavin online: Nicola no. 52408 and Gavin no. 21976