Narcolepsy Charter – Consultation goes live!

node leader
28 June 2018

One of our most important projects for 2018 is the development of the Narcolepsy Charter.

Aimed at tackling the challenges and discrimination faced by the narcolepsy community across the UK, the Charter will be a written statement of the rights of people with narcolepsy and their carers. It will set out the basic rights that people with narcolepsy and their carers deserve and should expect.

To help us create the Charter, we need to know how narcolepsy really affects you. We have teamed up with a leading healthcare market research agency to prepare an online survey that is now live. Whilst we think we know how narcolepsy affects the lives of people with narcolepsy, it is only with your help that we can be sure that the Charter addresses the right issues.

You can find out more about this project by visiting our Charter page.

You can apply to take part in the survey here. Within 24 hours of you signing up, you will receive a personalised link to the questionnaire; please take a few minutes to complete it and tell us how narcolepsy really affects you. With your help, we can really make a difference. Also, as a small token of our appreciation, everyone who completes the survey can opt to receive a £5 Amazon voucher.