Narcolepsy Charter - survey being developed

node leader
9 March 2018

This weekend, as part of the preparation work for the Narcolepsy Charter project introduced at the last Narcolepsy UK conference, we will be distributing a short-form pilot version of a survey at the arranged meet-ups to help us understand all the needs and factors affecting the lives of people with narcolepsy in the UK. Once we have processed the feedback we will then progress to an expanded online survey and hope to have as many people as possible engage with it. This will directly mould the foundation of the Narcolepsy Charter, so it will be your chance to have a say and let the world know the issues narcolepsy can cause and the support that can actually help.

We will make further announcements via our website so be sure to check back often to keep informed -

Remember, we are looking to formally launch the Narcolepsy Charter at our next annual conference, in Manchester - click here for more info