Narcolepsy UK Annual Conference, 7/8 Oct 2017 (Newbury, Berks) - Charting Our Way Ahead

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7 August 2017

Our 2017 Annual Conference (7/8 Oct in Newbury, Berks) - Charting Our way Ahead - links to plans to be released at conference to help bring narcolepsy to the attention of many more sectors of government, medical professionals, the workplace, education, and so on. This is your opportunity to be in at the start of something new and inspiring.

The Dubai Duty Free Grandstand gives us plenty of natural light, natural air with the facility to walk outside and still hear a speaker, an outdoor area where children may be able to play games (subject to childcare arrangements), a separate floor for our buffet luncheon, lovely views over the Berkshire countryside and outdoor areas for smokers on all levels.

Conference brings people with narcolepsy together to share experiences, learn self-help skills, and (quote) 'feel normal' - where you may relax and snooze at leisure, cataplexy becomes the norm and you can chat to others who 'know what you mean'. First and foremost it is your place to meet fellow pwn.

Speakers are being lined up: Dr Guy Leschziner - who many of you will have seen on TV - will talk about the journey of diagnosis and co-morbidities which will be a revalation to some; Dr David O'Regan will give an overview of how CBT may help; Matt O'Neill will update you on some of the quite special work Narcolepsy UK has worked on over the past year. There will be breakout sessions on Benefits, Mindfulness (1 for adults and 1 for children), Community Fundraising, and play leaders to keep youngsters occupied for at least some of the time and allow parents to listen to speakers or mingle. AND Narcolepsy UK will release 'Charting OUR way Ahead' and how you may be a part of this.

A generally helpful environment for children with narcolepsy and somewhere we endeavour to show that whilst not everything is possible many things ARE.

Bring your family, invite your GP or School Teachers - all are very welcome. We aim to broaden the range of delegates and whilst this is primarily for our narcolepsy family we would like to take this opportunity to increase awareness amongst others in the community, especially those you meet on a daily basis, to prove that this is a really difficult illness to live with.

Lunch is provided on Saturday but not on Sunday which is a more relaxed and social day closing at 1pm - so have a big breakfast. Any special dietary requirements for Saturday lunch please email to when making your booking thank you.

TRAINS - trains arrive and depart from the Station at the Racecourse, no taxis required :)

PARKING - free car parking in Car Park 4 which is a few minutes walk to the Dubai Duty Free Grandstand in which you are being hosted

HOTELS - a wide variety of hotels/lodges nearby

To book your tickets, go to the Eventbrite booking page.

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