Narcolepsy UK Conference: just days to go!

We are now into the final few days before our annual conference in Manchester and are making great progress in pulling together the key themes & focus areas from our recent survey. We hope you all booked your tickets to hear and see the results first-hand as we prepare to translate these into our Narcolepsy Charter.

We are also delighted to announce a presentation by Rosa Peraita-Adrados, MD, PhD who will describe the sleuth-like detective work over more than a decade to uncover the world's largest case of familial narcolepsy. This is a fascinating story, leading to 13 members of the same family being diagnosed with the condition and all share the same, very rare genetic mutation.

Royal Society of Medicine half day event: Living with Narcolepsy

In addition to our annual conference, our Chair has been working with The Royal Society of Medicine to construct a half-day weekend event in October specifically about narcolepsy and targeted at patients, family and health professionals. 

Part of the “medicine & me” programme, this event is FREE for patients, family & medical students so please spread the word & this link around but be warned, we expect places to go very quickly!

The Royal Society of Medicine (London) booking link: