Narcolepsy UK needs YOU - to help set up a local meeting

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15 February 2019

Local Meet ups/ Coffee Mornings / A simple get together.
Week commencing 11th March 2019

“Narcolepsy affects every area of our lives”

Rare Illnesses - Invisible Illnesses, who knows about them? Let’s all join together, share our experiences and make new local friends. Only WE can adequately feel what our peers feel. Bring your family/ friends and help raise awareness. The best medicine can be to know its not just you.

We are looking for people to help run simple meet up events across the nation.

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More ideas to reach more people:

  • A Coffee Morning at Work
  • Cake Sales at Work
  • Encourage employers/schools to collect used stamps (we have signed collection boxes)
  • Schools – could they offer a Dress Down Day?