New Narcolepsy UK T-shirt Design

node leader
30 May 2016

Last year we started selling t-shirts and other tops featuring Narcolepsy UK designs, and they have been well received. This year, I wanted to add a new design, something that spoke directly about living with narcolepsy.

Everyone who has narcolepsy experiences the various symptoms differently, but one thing that unites us all is dysfunction and overlaps between sleep states and wakefulness. Unpredictable slips from one state to another are perhaps the primary difficulty people with narcolepsy have to learn to live with. 

My new design is supposed to represent that when you have narcolepsy being AWAKE and ASLEEP overlap all the time. The idea is that at first glance it seems illegible and unreadable, but that with a moment of concentration the overlapping words become apparent. This I hope makes a point about how the symptoms are constant, and not just during the visible periods of sleep attacks or cataplexy.

The new design is available now, in adult (unisex or female cut) t-shirts, vests, and long sleeve tops, plus kids sizes too. Colour options are black, white, and chocolate brown (please note chocolate brown is not available for all style options).

This is a photo of me wearing a black t-shirt with the new design. If you have a picture wearing your Narcolepsy UK top, we would love to see them! (#NarcolepsyUK)

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