Online Support Meetings

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Hello everyone, here at Narcolepsy UK we think it is important to support each other in these very difficult times, so we are doing Online Support Meetings to help people with narcolepsy and their families/carers. If you want to chat to other people with narcolepsy or maybe you are feeling lonely, get in touch with me - Liam Sloan, Volunteer Coordinator at Narcolepsy UK and we will schedule you into one of the group chats, 4 per group. Alternatively you can also have a one on one with one of our staff/volunteers if needed.

Initial available slots-

  • Wed 25th March, at 12 noon, Chat with our Operations Manager - Nicola Rule
  • Wed 25th March, at 4.30 pm, Chat with Liam our Volunteer Coordinator
  • Friday 27th March, at 4.30 pm, Chat with Shola our London Network Group Coordinator
  • Friday 27th March, late evening (time to be confirmed), Chat with Heather who is one of our longest supporting volunteers.

More will follow. Next week we hope to include specific chats for young people with narcolepsy and parents of children with narcolepsy. Get in contact if you are interested.