Participate in a study - Situational Sleepiness Scale

We at Narcolepsy UK are excited to share with you new research that aims to improve how we help children with narcolepsy in the future and, more importantly, how you can get involved.

Southampton children’s sleep clinic are running a study to determine how to make sleep questionnaires better which, in turn, will have a positive impact on how clinicians understand paediatric narcolepsy and inform better treatment. They have created a scale to address some of the pitfalls parents have found with current sleepiness scales. This new scale is known as the Situational Sleepiness Scale. The study is being run by a medical student from the University of Southampton – Osasere Osayimwen.

The research will involve parents of children with narcolepsy and/or their children engaging in online interviews to find out their thoughts and feedback on this new scale.

We have attached the recruitment poster for this study for you to view. You can contact Osasere to register your interest by emailing with the subject title "Expression of Interest".

Click here to see the poster.