Scandal of Pandemrix in Republic of Ireland

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11 August 2018

Questions continue to be raised surrounding the use of the Pandemrix vaccination in the Republic of Ireland:

We also have victims in the U.K. who were vaccinated with the Pandemrix vaccine when it was utilised as stock for the seasonal-flu vaccine, ignoring the fact that at this point, there was definite awareness in the medical community that there was a real risk of narcolepsy as a result of this vaccination for an element of the population.

One example who we have campaigned on behalf of is Lucas Carleton, Stephen Twigg M.P.’s constituent (plus potentially 3 other individuals that we are aware of), for which no apology or resolution has yet been made:

Likewise, this is not just about children, there are adults involved too.

It’s time the Republic of Ireland lived up to its constitution.

The Rights of Children

Article 42A was added to the Constitution of Ireland in 2015. It affirms children’s natural and imprescriptible rights and the State’s duty to uphold these rights. Children have the right for their best interests to be of paramount consideration where the State seeks to intervene to protect their safety and welfare.

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