Website 'Search' function added

node leader
23 January 2018

Some time ago we launched the new website, rebuilt and redesigned from scratch to better meet the needs of our audience. The feedback was very positive and increasing numbers of people have come to rely on it as the ‘go to’ place for reliable information on all aspects of narcolepsy. As content increases, however, it is true that it has become harder to navigate quickly to specific articles or bits of data. With this in mind, we have created a site search facility.

At the top of the page across the site (in the menu options accessed by the top right button on mobile devices), you will see a button labelled “Search”. This takes you to a page in which you can input a keyword search, in a similar fashion to how you might use Google or any other search website. You have the option to limit the results to a particular type of site content (such as resource articles or blog posts) if you like, and the results page will highlight for you which type of content each matching result is.

We believe this will make the site much easier to navigate, and particularly for those looking for a specific type of information. We hope you agree.

Click here to take a look at the search page