Welcome to our new look website

node leader
17 March 2016

A few years ago we launched an expanded website with the ambition to bring together narcolepsy information to help all those affected. This was a big step forward, but was by no means perfect. We gathered feedback and thoughts, and for some time now we have been working hard to revamp the site to offer better access and information. What you are now seeing is the results of that work.

Apart from the obvious design update and improvements, we hope it should now be much easier for visitors to find the information they want, whether they are a person with narcolepsy, know someone with narcolepsy, or a medical professional looking to find out more about this rare condition.

In general, articles and specific information can be found in the Resources section. Events are now much easier to find, and updates can found easily in the Blog section.

We hope you like the change. New content and updates will continue to be added, so come back often!