World Sleep Day® and coronavirus

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World Sleep Day® is Friday March 13, 2020 and will incorporate the slogan, 'Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet.'

Traditionally, Narcolepsy UK have marked mid-March as an important date in our calendar for raising awareness. Historically, this has broadly aligned with the Spring Equinox / European Narcolepsy Day & similar events run in the USA such as Sleep Awareness Week & Suddenly Sleepy Saturday.

This year, World Sleep Day® falls on 13th March & the equinox the 19th March. The European Narcolepsy Network were due to meet in Berlin in Early April & unfortunately this has now been postponed. We had aligned ourselves to that date in addition to 22nd September 2020 which we will mark as the 2nd World Narcolepsy Day.

Given the ongoing crisis with Covid-19, it feels appropriate that we move our major awareness event to September 22nd, 2020.

Whether we are able to hold our usual annual conference in September will be largely outside our control but we hope you understand that we are not in a place to commit funds to this right now. 

Please work with us to spread awareness of our Narcolepsy Charter and the challenges we face every day. Feel free to cut & paste this link and share as you see fit:

Hashtags: #NarcolepsyUK #WorldSleepDay #NUKCharter

The coming weeks will be challenging so lets’ stay focused and continue to help each other as the cohesive community that we have become.