Keep up to date with all the latest news from the world of narcolepsy, and some of the things we are doing to help.

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New website resource - Pregnancy and narcolepsy

20 October 2016

A new resource article entitled Pregnancy and narcolepsy has been added to the website, with basic advice for expectant mothers with narcolepsy.


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New website resource - Emotional impact of narcolepsy

20 October 2016

Deputy Chair Ed Coates' presentations to conference on the subject of the emotional impact of narcolepsy, and ways to address it, have always been very well-received.

We are pleased to make Ed's latest presentation available in a new resource artice, that you can find here.

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Further Update on Modafinil (Provigil) produced by Teva UK Ltd

7 October 2016

TEVA UK Limited responded yesterday to our query regarding the supply of Provigil® (Modafinil) in the UK (see this post).

They confirmed there have been supply issues with this medicine and it has been unavailable for some time. Having looked into the exact nature of the situation, they have confirmed that they expect supply to resume within the next eight weeks.

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Thank you to our conference volunteers

5 October 2016

Narcolepsy UK would like to thank all the volunteers who helped at this year's annual conference.

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VMG London Marathon 2017 - Could you run for us?

5 October 2016

Narcolepsy UK has secured a place in the 2017 VMG London Marathon.

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Medication in schools - new website resource

2 October 2016

A new resource relating to the management of medication in schools.

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Update on Modafinil (Provigil) produced by Teva UK Ltd

30 September 2016

Narcolepsy UK investigate the reported shortage in availability of Modafinil (Provigil®).

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Fantastic Conference Fundraising

19 September 2016

Great fundraising efforts at conference

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Message from Dorothy Hand

15 September 2016

Dorothy Hand, founder of UKAN (the original patient support group from which Narcolepsy UK grew), has told us that she is thrilled that the National Annual Conference is being held here in Manchester this weekend at the Renaissance Hotel.

She reminds us that it was in Manchester in 1981 that the very first meeting was held, so you could say that Narcolepsy UK has 'come home'.

The two days will see Narcolepsy sufferers and supporters gathering to share experiences and listen to knowledgeable experts talk about this often misunderstood and misdiagnosed neurological disorder.

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Pitolisant / Wakix® Update

9 September 2016

We have now received confirmation from the UK Supplier that the Department of Health have now priced Wakix® (Pitolisant) as follows: