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Radio interview with Sleepyhead author Henry Nicholls

19 September 2018

Narcolepsy UK trustee and science writer Henry Nicholls recently published a book, "Sleepyhead: Narcolepsy, Neuroscience and the Search for a Good Night". In relation to this he was interviewed, with 45 minutes of air time, talking about narcolepsy, cataplexy and sleep disorders on Jefferson Public Radio in the US yesterday morning. The full interview is here.

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Narcolepsy UK Conference: just days to go!

3 September 2018

We are now into the final few days before our annual conference in Manchester and are making great progress in pulling together the key themes & focus areas from our recent survey. We hope you all booked your tickets to hear and see the results first-hand as we prepare to translate these into our Narcolepsy Charter.

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Charter Questionnaire is now closed

3 August 2018

All of us here at Narcolepsy UK would like to say thank you for the massive response you provided to our charter questionnaire. We are already busily reviewing the content to present to you at the annual conference in Manchester 8th-9th September. 

Looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Link to conference booking -

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Problem with the "Join Us" form.

1 August 2018

We are aware there is an apparent issue with the "Join Us" membership registration webform on our website. The form displays an error message after it is submitted, appearing to have not saved.

Please be assured that despite the error message, we are actually receiving the form data and it is being saved correctly.

The issue causing the error display is being worked on and will hopefully be resolved shortly. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused any of our site visitors.

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Narcolepsy Charter – Consultation goes live!

28 June 2018

One of our most important projects for 2018 is the development of the Narcolepsy Charter.

Aimed at tackling the challenges and discrimination faced by the narcolepsy community across the UK, the Charter will be a written statement of the rights of people with narcolepsy and their carers. It will set out the basic rights that people with narcolepsy and their carers deserve and should expect.

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We want to see your art!

20 June 2018

We are pleased to announce that Narcolepsy UK are planning the return of hosting an exhibition of art and other creative endeavors at our annual UK conference. The conference is in September (see link at bottom of this post for more details), and we would love to display work from people with narcolepsy. For those in the UK (or planning to visit), we would also very much like to meet you so would encourage you come along!

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Data Protection - Our commitment to GDPR

16 June 2018

All organisations that process personal data now have to comply with the requirements of the GDPR, and at Narcolepsy UK we are committed to doing so.

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Volunteers' Week – Thank you everyone!

7 June 2018

To wrap up our serise of posts marking the contribution made by volunteers to Narcolepsy UK, our Chair Matt O'Neill describes the many ways that volunteers play a part in the charity's work.

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Volunteers' Week – Thank you to our advocates!

6 June 2018

In the penultimate post in our series marking the contribution made by volunteers to Narcolepsy UK, Trustee Henry Nicholls describes the contribution made by volunteer advocates.