Building partnerships to raise awareness

16th June 2019

The impact of narcolepsy with cataplexy on the personal and professional lives of people with the condition is huge, which is why Narcolepsy UK has collaborated with UCB and Aintree University Hospital on a pilot programme to raise awareness of the condition.

Aintree University Hospital’s experience and state-of-the-art facilities make them the ideal partners for this awareness-raising campaign, designed to encourage patients experiencing symptoms beyond general ‘sleepiness’ to speak to their GP. The programme, which will run for an initial 6 weeks, will also engage GPs in the North West to support them in discussing symptoms with patients and help them identify this rare condition.

Following the trial, UCB and Narcolepsy UK will evaluate the possibilities of rolling out the programme to other areas of the UK.

To avoid any confusion with the pilot programme we have created an A3 sized colour PDF poster without the Aintree reference should you wish to download it and use it to raise awareness in your own area.

You can expect to see posters, flyers and adverts across the following media in and around the Liverpool / Aintree area:

  • Liverpool Universities – Digital Advertising Posters

  • Liverpool Echo – Print & Digital

  • Liverpool buses – Large bus panel adverts

  • Health Care Providers (GP Surgeries & Pharmacies) – Flyers and posters

  • Social Media – Advertising via Facebook