Important News re Medication Shortages

Navigating Medicine Shortages: How Narcolepsy UK is advocating for you   Matt O’Neill shares an UPDATE on this vital topic:-   We know that recent shortages of medications used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD due to ingredient shortages, manufacturing problems and a general surge in demand have created significant challenges for many of you. These […]

Diet Survey

Liz Boon, a Dietetics Master’s student at the University of Central Lancashire, is conducting a survey about narcolepsy type 1, EDS and diet


WELCOME TO THIS NEW WEBSITE We hope you like it and note the changes we have made. WHAT IS NEW?? The ability to log in and make changes to your personal data allowing you to keep your contacts current. LOG IN PAGES This is to allow persons who have ‘Joined Us’ to have access to […]

Helpline support is a “lifeline”

A lovely donation has been made by our supporter Julie French who has said “Narcolepsy UK were a lifeline when my son was diagnosed 9 years ago”. Our Helpline supports many people in many ways – why not give us a call on 0345 4500 394 (We do not have a person ‘live’ 24/7 but […]

You are not alone in this

One of the challenges of narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) is the feeling that – even with the best will in the world – nobody really understands what you are going through. At one level, there is some truth to this. Hypersomnias like narcolepsy and IH are spectrum disorders, so everyone’s experience of these sleep […]

Backpacking with narcolepsy

Last year (2022), aged 27, after cajoling my body into working a 9-5 job for several years, and having relied on a concoction of medications to get me through each day, I decided to request a career break to go travelling around Southeast Asia for three months.

Volunteer bill posters

Would you be prepared to stick up posters to raise awareness of narcolepsy? You can download a selection of posters here and print them in colour or black/white or we can mail them to you. You can do it as and when you can. Take one on your next visit to the doctor’s surgery, hospital, pharmacy, shopping […]

#NarcolepsyStories : Erin

At 16, I was the typical school student. I loved sports, enjoyed English and hated maths. I was constantly busy, juggling multiple extracurricular commitments throughout the week in addition to my heavy GCSE load. It was at this point in school that things started to feel hard. Not your typical, ‘overworked’ student but more ‘I […]