Help us to improve the care and support of young adults with Narcolepsy

Help us to improve the care and support of young adults with Narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy UK are supporting a doctorate research study by Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology and Canterbury Christ Church University that aims to improve our understanding of living with narcolepsy as a young adult.

This is an area that is currently under-researched so we hope that by offering our assistance to recruit young adults for the study we can help secure the pool of 112 participants that are being sought.

To ease any concerns, the project has full sign-off from the relevant NHS Research ethics & governance committees so you can be sure that your responses will be anonymous & secure.

Narcolepsy UK will be engaged throughout the process with the researcher and their supervisors & we look forward to being able to share the findings with you in the future.

Ultimately, we hope this study will help to inform professionals about what support to offer young adults living with narcolepsy.

As an additional incentive, participants can also enter a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher. Find out more in the advert attached below!


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