Help with travel costs

12th May 2016

Thanks to long-time supporter Heather for drawing our attention to the possibility of claiming reimbursement of travel costs incurred in attending appointments following a referral to a specialist.

See our new resource article on this subject more information.

If you are referred to hospital or other NHS premises for NHS specialist treatment or diagnostic tests by your doctor, dentist or other health professional, you may be able to claim a refund of reasonable travel costs under the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS).

To qualify for help with travel costs under the HTCS, you must meet three conditions:

Condition one: At the time of your appointment, you or your partner (including civil partners) must receive one of a number of qualifying benefits or allowances, or meet the eligibility criteria of the NHS Low Income Scheme.

Condition two: You must have a referral from a healthcare professional for a specialist or to a hospital for further NHS treatment or tests (often referred to as “secondary care”).

Condition three: Your appointment must be on a separate visit to when the referral was made. This applies whether your treatment is provided at a different location (hospital or clinic) or on the same premises as where your GP or other health professional issued the referral.

For more information, visit NHS Choices.