Assistance and safety when travelling

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For people with narcolepsy, travelling on public transport may present particular difficulties: getting off at the right stop, making a connection, etc etc.

Many train and bus companies offer assistance that can be really useful to people with narcolepsy.

For train services, all rail operators participate in the Passenger Assist scheme, a national system that allows operators to make necessary arrangements to assist customers with disabilities, including hidden disabilities like narcolepsy which may not be immediately apparent to others.

General information can be found on the National Rail website here, with links to information provided by each train operator.

Bus and coach companies may offer similar services. Information from National Express, for instance, can be found here.

Of course, passengers with a disability are often eligible for discounted fares. For instance:

If you use a smartphone, there are a variety of apps available – many free of charge – that can help you make a journey and navigate around your destination. Details of some of these can be found here.

Assistance schemes also operate at a number of UK airports – see here.

If you come across any other services that are helpful to travellers with narcolepsy, then please let us know by emailing so that we can add that information to this page.