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Dexamfetamine sulfate (also spelt dexamphetamine sulphate, usually just called dexamfetamine) is a stimulant drug that is used to promote wakefulness and so reduce excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS).

Dexamfetamine is supplied in a number of different forms, but for the treatment of narcolepsy is usually prescribed as a tablet. The tablets may have different strengths: 5mg, 10mg or 20mg. Usually, the overall daily dose is made up of two or more tablets, taken at intervals through the day.

Dexamfetamine is a Schedule 2 Controlled Drug, which means that you may be required to prove your identity when collecting your prescription and you must store the drug securely.

Dexamfetamine – BNF

Dexamfetamine - Guy’s and St Thomas’ Patient Information Leaflet

Side effects

As with any medication, the drugs used to treat narcolepsy can have side-effects. These can take many forms. They may be relatively minor, such as mild headaches or a dry mouth, or much more serious, such as anxiety or depression. You should check the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) in the packaging of your medication for more details and if you experience any of these side-effects (or any not on the PIL) you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.

You can also report side effects directly via the Yellow Card Scheme. By reporting side effects, you can help improve the safety of this medicine.