Pregnancy and narcolepsy

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If you have narcolepsy and are pregnant, you will need to ensure that the healthcare professionals you come into contact with are as well informed as possible about your condition and your medication. Staff in Maternity departments, midwives etc will almost certainly have little knowledge of narcolepsy.

Try to explain narcolepsy/cataplexy as clearly as you can, and we suggest that you ask your consultant to provide you with a letter that covers all of the following:

  • your medication regime
  • whether your medication can continue during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding
  • the potential problems you may experience in
    • giving birth
    • taking medication during the birthing process
    • caring for your baby
    • breastfeeding

Keep the original letter yourself but make copies that you can hand to the medical personnel who look after you. Make sure you have at least one copy in your hospital bag, in readiness for your admission to the maternity unit, and have it attached to your notes.