UCBCares - sodium oxybate help for doctors and patients

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If you are prescribed Xyrem® (sodium oxybate), you may be interested in UCBCares, a helpline for doctors and patients that aims to address any questions or concerns about treatments or products made by UCB, the supplier of Xyrem®.

UCBCares aims to provide the following service:

  • Single point of access for patients and healthcare professionals for information and assistance with UCB products and services
  • Medical information solutions; where the focus on fulfilling patient needs moves beyond just product information
  • Therapy area related information
  • Recording and responding to reported product complaints
  • Recording all reported adverse events

UCBCares in the UK can be contacted by phone (01753 777100) or email (UCBCares.UK@ucb.com). It seems that the helpline is operated by UCB personnel during normal office hours, and by a third party supplier at other times.

A similar scheme operates in Ireland, for which the contact details are +353 1 463 2371 and UCBCares.IE@ucb.com.

More information can be found at the UCBCares website: www.askucbcares.com/uk/.