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Pandemrix narcolepsy

In 2010 there was a startling increase in narcolepsy across the UK and northern Europe. With new cases developing on a weekly basis, some doctors described it as an epidemic.

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What causes narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is an auto-immune disorder, commonly caused by an infection like a sore throat.  Recently swine flu vaccination caused an upsurge in cases.

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Sodium oxybate (Xyrem) – Ex gratia provision to victims of Pandemrix

Scheme for ex gratia funding of Xyrem to people who have made personal injury claims after developing narcolepy caused by Pandemrix vaccine

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Narcolepsy Charter

Aimed at tackling the challenges and discrimination faced by the narcolepsy community across the UK, the Narcolepsy Charter is a written statement of the rights of people with narcolepsy and their carers. It sets out the basic rights that people with narcolepsy and their carers deserve and should expect.

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Narcolepsy UK have produced and/or distributed several helpful infographics in recent years. These can be used to share across social media, or other methods.

Here you can see small versions of each, with links to download the full size files at the bottom of the page.

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