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Event Feedback Form

In order for us to continue to organise conferences and events to benefit people with narcolepsy, it is vital that we are able to show to potential donors that our events are of value to our community.

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This resource page has a number of poster designs that can be downloaded and printed for display.

Please note the posters are free to distribute but remain the intellectual property of Narcolepsy UK and cannot be amended or altered without permission.

You may also be interested in our Infographics.

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Narcolepsy Charter

Aimed at tackling the challenges and discrimination faced by the narcolepsy community across the UK, the Narcolepsy Charter is a written statement of the rights of people with narcolepsy and their carers. It sets out the basic rights that people with narcolepsy and their carers deserve and should expect.

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Catnap newsletter

Narcolepsy UK used to publish a newsletter, "Catnap". Back issues can be downloaded from this page.

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Narcolepsy UK have produced and/or distributed several helpful infographics in recent years. These can be used to share across social media, or other methods.

Here you can see small versions of each, with links to download the full size files at the bottom of the page.

You may also be interested in our Posters.

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In the run-up to World Narcolepsy Day 2020, Narcolepsy UK invited people with narcolepsy and their families to contribute their stories of what it's like to live with narcolepsy or with a person with narcolepsy.

Thank you to all those brave enough to share your experiences. Some of the stories make for hard reading and some are uplifting, but we hope that together they capture the spectrum nature of this disorder.