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Assistance scheme at UK airports

A scheme to assist air travellers with hidden disabilities is now operating at a number of UK airports.

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Prescription Prepayment Certificates

Many people with narcolepsy are prescribed multiple medications, and – unless you are entitled to free prescriptions - the cost can be substantial. It may be cheaper to buy a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) – effectively a prescription "season ticket".

A PPC covers all of your NHS prescriptions, including NHS dental prescriptions, no matter how many items you need.

There are two PPC options to choose from:

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Narcolepsy and dental health

Having narcolepsy can have knock-on effects on oral health and dental care.

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Modafinil and contraception

Modafinil, one of the most commonly used medications for narcolepsy, lessens the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill.

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Help for families

Having narcolepsy impacts on every aspect of a child's life, and the lives of parents and other close family members.