Sleep disorder sufferers await ruling over role of swine flu jab

24th January 2017, by Matt O’Neill

On behalf of Narcolepsy UK, I have contributed personally to evidence for all three of the cases quoted here, know the families concerned and been through some of the sad events that have transpired and are mentioned in this article. I will, yet again, be in the court this week to hear on what tenuous basis the DWP think they can appeal a decision that they have already been overturned on twice. The Vaccine Damage Payment Act of 1979, as the government have always been quick to point out, is not a compensation scheme and I agree with them on that point. What I expect of a decent, caring society is that when vaccination programmes are implemented, they come with an implicit agreement between state & citizen that “should” anything go wrong, that citizen will be looked after by the rest of us. Vaccination protects the herd so surely it stands to reason that we, the herd, “should” protect and look after those who have willingly been vaccinated on our behalf.

Let’s not forget either the adults affected by this particular issue, still awaiting recognition and equally those vaccinated with Pandemrix, after the government knew they was an issue yet still allowed G.P.’s to use up stocks way past the limit of any protection by the Vaccine Damage Protection Act 1979.

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