Fundraising pledge

Following disturbing reports in the press about the way some charities fundraise, this seems an appropriate time to let you know that not only does Narcolepsy UK value all of those generous people who donate to the charity, we also respect your privacy.

We are currently signing up to the new Fundraising Standards Board Code of Conduct, but are confident that we have already met their needs. We want to share with you our pledge that:-

• We do not employ external agencies to collect money on our behalf.

• We do not use cold calling techniques – in fact, we do not ring people to ask for support; so do please tell us if anyone does use our name in this way.

• We do not sell or share your personal details with anyone else – if there was a need to do this we would ask your consent first.

If you want to be removed from our Database we will endeavour to do that swiftly and effectively without asking questions.

Narcolepsy UK is the Support Charity not only for persons with narcolepsy but also for your family, friends, employers,educational establishments, and even medical professionals – if they are not familiar with this rare illness we are pleased to assist.

If you do have any concerns at all then please do telephone or email our

Operations Manager

Nicola Rule

07920 650 552