Living with narcolepsy

Effects on daily life

Narcolepsy can have an effect on almost all aspects of your daily life including educationemployment and your ability to drive, and also relationships and emotional health. Although there is at present no cure for narcolepsy, and some treatments are often only partially effective, there are strategies that can help you to manage your symptoms and enable you to lead as full a life as possible.

Learn more and find help

This website is packed with resources that you will find helpful, whether you are a person with narcolepsy, or you know someone with narcolepsy, such as a family member, friend, colleague or student, or you are a healthcare professional involved in the treatment of someone with narcolepsy.

“Your website and Facebook feeds have been so helpful and given me and my family good, concise information. It has made it much easier to deal with.”

Some suggestions …

Take a look at our suggestions for dealing with some of the commonest issues that people with narcolepsy face:

You are not alone!

Because narcolepsy is a rare condition, in normal life many people with narcolepsy may never meet anyone else with the condition. That does not mean that you are alone.

Narcolepsy UK encourages people with narcolepsy to interact with each other and to share their experiences. Through social media, events and our conferences, we aim to help people with narcolepsy support each other. You can also get in touch with us directly, either through the Contact Us page of this website, or by calling our helpline.

Do also try to attend our annual conference or one of the many other events that take place around the UK. For many people with narcolepsy, meeting others with the condition is enormously beneficial – we would love to meet you!

Events and meetings

Meet other people to learn and share experiences
Go to events


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