World Narcolepsy Day – Get Involved

As we build up to World Narcolepsy Day, show the world that narcolepsy impacts people everywhere! Participate in our Instagram social media campaign using the hashtag


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You can share art, personal stories, jokes, memes, anything! We would simply ask people to be mindful not to break any laws or to post something that could result in physical or mental distress in someone else.

World Narcolepsy Day is THE day where the World comes together to Raise Awareness of Narcolepsy (a general term for Narcolepsy Type 1, Type 2 and Idiopathic Hypersomnia).

Raising Awareness is crucial for persons who have no knowledge of the disability to learn it exists and that it is incredibly debilitating, that there is no cure and medication merely alleviates some of the symptoms, some of the time. For persons with narcolepsy the aim is to ensure that when they mention their Disability people know more than to ask ‘is that where you fall down asleep’ and that they are taken more seriously than may be the case at present.

We are running Crazy Hair Day to promote this day and especially to encourage schools to take part and for them to learn to spot a child who may have this Illness. Why in schools you may ask? Because children are our future and learning about this whilst they are young gives them knowledge which they can carry with them.


Asking your School to run a Crazy Hair Day – just like ‘dress down day’ but a tad more fun. Where possible children pay £1 to participate. They then go to school with an Unusual hairstyle. No winners/no losers – just fun and maybe a few photos (faces covered of course). Feel Free to download our FLYER for schools (click here)

We can provide Leaflets about Narcolepsy, Posters to create Awareness, and Charter Booklets – just ask and these will be posted out to you.

Raising Awareness of this Disability is vital to our community so if anyone is able to contact your local Newspaper or Radio Station then we can assist you with text to provide the Q&As

Another option is to ask your local shops/library/school/volunteer centre/ Surgery anywhere you can think of to display an A4 poster which can send out to you OR which may be downloaded from our website: Posters | Narcolepsy UK

Your colleagues at work you may do likewise – share this to raise awareness. Larger Employers might Match Fund if you use this for Fundraising.


Contact    07920 650 552 if you’d like to chat this through


Personal health stories are invaluable public education tools. Depending on your content, once you have posted to Instagram perhaps consider if it might be worth contacting local media and radio outlets as well.

Some examples of personal stories can be found at #NarcolepsyStories. If you have difficulty in contacting Local Media (newspapers) or Radio outlet do ask us to assist you 07920 650 552 Nicola Rule


Not everyone appreciates humour the same way, but laughter can be a great healer. Jokes and memes about narcolepsy are welcome, so long as they are not lewd, crude, defamatory, or might otherwise be reasonably expected to cause distress.


Spread the facts! We have some infographics to help start you off with content you might share. Please note these are sized for sharing on social media rather than printing. Click here to see them


Organise your own event in your community. A picnic, brunch, potluck, or sign-making party are fun ways to bring friends and colleagues together. Share your story and distribute fact sheets. Photos from the event might also be ideal for Instagram sharing!


Give your friends and social networks a unique opportunity to support your experience by hosting a Facebook Fundraiser to raise critical funds for Narcolepsy UK! Contact to obtain preprinted documents to share.
This link (click here) provides some great graphics to share electronically.
This link (click here) will provide some ideas for this if you sign up to it.
Here are some more ideas: Narcolepsy UK Instagram


Make a meaningful gift to support Narcolepsy UK’s efforts today. Your generosity helps us further critical awareness and advocacy programming throughout the year. You can donate directly here.

Did you know that GIFT AID can be added to your donation – 25% of your gift can be added to your donation. Just complete the form “Tax relief when you donate to a charity”: Gift Aid – GOV.UK (

Giving in memory – “A GIFT in a WILL helped us to create our website. If you wish to consider this further then do give us a call we can assist with simple things such as stating ‘I wish to give £x to Narcolepsy UK and any other iterations of this charity’”


We believe that everyone with a connection to narcolepsy (personal or professional) should recognise and respect the rights of people with narcolepsy as set out in the Narcolepsy UK Charter. If you agree then please take the time to sign the Charter here.