IAPO launches survey to identify unmet patient needs

The IAPO (International Alliance of Patient Organisations) are conducting a survey. They put out the following release about it and asked us to share it with our network:

Unmet Patient Needs Research: How can we improve universal health coverage?

An unmet health-related need is usually associated with clinical aspects and the patient’s voice is hardly captured in the process. IAPO and the IAPO Patients for Patient Safety Observatory are conducting a research project to address that gap by scoping the existing literature and surveying patients and caregivers from the global community to understand their perspectives.

Through the survey, we aim to:

  1. Describe and quantify unmet health-related needs in patients living with selected diseases and conditions.
  2. Understand respondents’ experience and perspectives on the priority unmet health needs and obstacles to meeting those needs.
  3. Create a pool of evidence, as well as policy action points to serve for advocacy purposes, identifying further potential investments at global, regional and national levels.

We would like to invite you to collaborate with us by participating in the survey and encouraging patients and caregivers within your network to do the same. We also appreciate it if you could help us disseminate the survey as much as possible so we can reach a wide and diverse audience.


*Please note that the survey will be open from 8 January to 15 January 2024.*

This survey is now closed