Narcolepsy UK Conference 2018 presentation films now online

21st September 2018

During the recent Narcolepsy UK 2018 Conference in Manchester, we were able to livestream some of the speakers on social media. This was great for keeping people not able to travel to be with us engaged with activities, but was not able to offer the full experience. In particular, slides were not visible and sound levels were very low due to the limitations of the equipment used.

Fortunately, we also arranged to have all of the Saturday presentations recorded traditionally, and so we are now able to offer them online for any interested parties. Films include updates from the charity and the Narcolepsy Charter survey results, advice on diet and exercise, the largest known case of familial narcolepsy, the role of the histamine system in arousal, and a look at the conference art display.

On the Narcolepsy UK YouTube channel you can find all the recorded speakers from this year, plus some others from previous conferences.

Click here for the 2018 conference video playlist