Narcolepsy and work

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Although narcolepsy can have a major indirect impact on concentration, attention span and short term memory, it does not affect cognition or intelligence directly. Provided that appropriate allowances are made for their sleep disorder, many people with narcolepsy are able to work, though there are obviously certain occupations that are not open to them.Narcolepsy in the workplace

Making allowances

It is important to keep your employer and colleagues informed of the diagnosis. Informing your employer can help them understand your needs and help you to continue to have a successful career. It may be worth approaching your employer with regard to taking steps such as planned naps during the day, recording meetings, and/or working flexible hours, all of which can help you perform effectively at work.

Keep your employer informed

Awareness and understanding of narcolepsy is still very limited, and so a key factor in achieving success in your employment is ensuring that your employer is fully informed about your condition. Once your employer knows about this, it should be much easier to develop a napping strategy and to talk about mutually beneficial working hours.

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