World Narcolepsy Day - Get Involved

Ways to get involved:


This year we are asking for everyone to bring it to Instagram. As we build up to World Narcolepsy Day, show the world that narcolepsy impacts people everywhere! Participate in our Instagram social media campaign using the hashtags
#SleepOnIt   #WorldNarcolepsyDay

Don’t forget to tag us as well: @narcolepsyuk

You can share art, personal stories, jokes, memes, anything! We would simply ask people to be mindful not to break any laws or to post something that could result in physical or mental distress in someone else.

If you cannot access Instagram for some reason, but would like to participate simply email your image file (and any brief text you would caption it with) to us and we will be trying to post what we can via the Narcolepsy UK account (subject to the stipulations above).


Have a painting about narcolepsy? A drawing? A doodle? Now is the time to share it with the world. It’s not a competition, we just want everyone to be seen and heard.


Personal health stories are invaluable public education tools. Depending on your content, once you have posted to Instagram perhaps consider if it might be worth contacting local media and radio outlets as well.


Not everyone appreciates humour the same way, but laughter can be a great healer. Jokes and memes about narcolepsy are welcome, so long as they are not lewd, crude, defamatory, or might otherwise be reasonably expected to cause distress.


Spread the facts! We have some infographics to help start you off with content you might share.


Organise your own (covid safe) event in your community. A picnic, brunch, potluck, or sign-making party are fun ways to bring friends and colleagues together. Share your story and distribute fact sheets. Photos from the event might also be ideal for Instagram sharing!


Give your friends and social networks a unique opportunity to support your experience by hosting a Facebook Fundraiser to raise critical funds for Narcolepsy UK!


Make a meaningful gift to support Narcolepsy UK's efforts today. Your generosity helps us further critical awareness and advocacy programming throughout the year. You can donate directly here.


We believe that everyone with a connection to narcolepsy (personal or professional) should recognise and respect the rights of people with narcolepsy as set out in the Narcolepsy UK Charter. If you agree then please take the time to sign the Charter here.