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Accident prevention/safety

  • Be aware of situations where you are likely to be at risk of falling asleep or suffer from a cataplexy attack and inform others around you
  • It may clearly be hazardous to to operate machinery for long periods of time unassisted in case of a sudden attack of sleepiness
  • Don't drive when you are tired and plan to take naps before you feel tired to avoid unnecessary accidents
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Grants to Individuals

Charitable Trusts are an important source of funds for organisation like Narcolepsy UK.  Some Trusts will also consider making donations to individuals.

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Travelling with medication

Travelling with medication can present practical problems, particularly as some narcolepsy medications are controlled drugs.

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Storing medication

Storing your medication safely and securely is critical.

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Help with NHS travel costs

If you are referred to hospital or other NHS premises for NHS specialist treatment or diagnostic tests by your doctor, dentist or other health professional, you may be able to claim a refund of reasonable travel costs.

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The Paediatric Narcolepsy Project

This research programme is investigating school performance and well-being in children with narcolepsy aged 8-16 years old. The project has been set up by The University of Leeds and has received ethical approval from the School of Psychology's Research Ethics Committee (ref: 15-0198, date: 03.08.15). The research is taking place in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland.

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Overseas narcolepsy support organisations

Narcolepsy UK’s activities are focused on the United Kingdom.  Similar organisations exist in other parts of the world.

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Free prescriptions and help with health costs

For many people with narcolepsy, the costs of prescriptions may be considerable.

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Medication in schools

Many young people with narcolepsy need to take doses of medication while at school. Particularly for younger children, who have not reached an age at which they are ready to take care of and be responsible for their own medication, it is vital that the school has an appropriate policy and adequate procedures in place.

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The emotional impact of narcolepsy

The emotional impact of narcolepsy: frustration, anger and irritation can be difficult to deal with.